Teenagers talk

This is not the same time and this is not the same era. Parents now have to change the way they treat their kids and act . Why parents forget that, once they were also the same age as their kids are rite now. I some times feel that our parents think, that they were born as “parents” and they just don’t want to understand their child’s issues,instead they look for an opportunity to scold them and beat them blue and black (Indian Parents). I believe once the kid is a teenager parents have to act like a friend to their daughters or sons and talk and behave in a friendly way. Once a kid becomes a teen he becomes an individual and has his or her openion which not necessarily should match with the parents. In this critical stage most of the parents become very strict and do not listen to what the teen has to say and this is where all the problems starts. I strongly think the rite age to be strict to your child is from five to twelve years and once the kid is a teen , parents should change their behaviour and the way they have been treating their kids. I completely disagree beating a teen and forcing your wishes and dreams on the kid and making him do things which only you think is correct. We all make mistake and the best teacher are the mistakes which we make. Let our kids make mistake and learn from them. I am a mother of two and a half year old and I learn so much more from her every day. I push my self in every possible way to be a good mother.

My life my way

I was always forced to do what they wanted ,what they liked and here I am today living my life my way. I am doing nothing much but now i don’t have time to listen to silly and stupid demands. I don’t go out much but I know things happening out side ,which I should know. I cannot even imagine how my life would have been if I was not living it my way. I fought,cried and fought again to get here, and to live my life my way. I did not know always that I wanted  this but I knew what I did not wanted and then, I MADE CHOICE and I was rite. It’s not very difficult to live the way you want,but you should not be too late to live the life your way . The correct step and the correct action has to be taken at the correct time, I did it . There may be so many people who feel that this is not the life they wanted and some may also be feeing and saying to them selfs …”I wish if  I would have done that” or might think “what if I would have taken that step, my life would have not been this”. If you too think so,then you are not alone, as there are many like you . I would have also been saying the same words if I would have not taken the biggest and bravest step of my life. I would be taking about it in my next post …..promise

This is more like a book ..a never ending book so keep reading….

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